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Could it be that after so many years of research, and so much money being spent, that the entire orthodox medical establishment has been wrong about AIDS, or even worse, has sought to profit on a system that it knew was flawed from the beginning?Doctor Robert Gallo who discovered the HIV virus said that there is no legitimate dissent when it comes to AIDS.The documentary provides an in-depth look at the plight of 9/11 first responders, many afflicted with serious health problems from the toxicity of Ground Zero.Truth Rising reveals and challenges the astounding arrogance and negligence of the government in regard to the heroic efforts of first responders, police, and fire-fighters.The theory is that, should everything go as planned, the children would then receive hormone treatment when they're old enough which acts as the first major step in becoming their new gender.(Excerpt from main website) Please visit the official website for more information: Inc.

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the only question after viewing it is, will you become part of the Truth Rising.But there are more than 5,000 physicians, microbiologists, journalists and activists who disagree and say that we have been misled about the real causes of AIDS and the nature of its treatment.The mainstream media has chosen not to provide an outlet for their opinions.Among their questions were: The film uses archive news footage, press conferences and newspaper clippings to document the unwillingness of the George W.Bush administration to provide answers to the families' questions or support a full independent investigation.

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