Msexchange web services error 24

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The Edge Transport role was shipped in Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1.Ready more about installing and configuring Exchange 2013 Edge Transport here.You will also note that the example for Exchange Server 2013 demonstrated that the Client Access server's Front End Transport service was not involved for internal mail flow.Now let's take a look at an external mail flow example, specifically an email from the internet to a mailbox on an Exchange Server 2013 server.

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Unlike Exchange 20 Hub Transport servers which were not configured by default to accept incoming email from the internet, when an Exchange 2013 Client Access server is installed it is pre-configured with a Receive Connector named “Default Frontend So where Exchange 2007/2010 were secured by default and required the administrator to either deploy Edge Transport servers, or reconfigure the Hub Transport to perform the internet-facing role, Exchange Server 2013 Client Access servers are configured by default for the internet-facing role.

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